CIN Recurrence Rates

Hi everyone,

I hope someone will be able to answer my question.

I'm wondering if anyone out there had been diagnosed and successfully treated for CIN III 10 + years ago and has had clear smears since?

Understandably a lot of the information out there is from people who are new to all of this. I just wondered if there were any success

stories from anyone who has not had a recurrence for a long time? I mean, what are the chances of CIN returning after successful treatment?

Hope someone can answer.

Much love and peace x


Hi  peanutbuttercup, I will make a long story short and tell u that I had cold coagulator treatment for abnormal cells 26years ago when I was 35. In those days we weren't given much info other than these cells had to be removed as they could turn cancerous in time. I had a local anaesthetic and the treatment took about 15 minutes I think. Every smear since then has been normal . I will be 62 at Christmas and will be asking to continue having smears for the forseable futuwish if anyone wishes anymore info on my experience please feel free to pm me. Best wishes to all . Xx

Sorry, that should read foreseeable future.

Hi Celtic girl,

Thank you so much for replying. It's very reassuring to hear that for the past 26 years your smears have all been clear.

Long may it continue!

There isn't a lot of info out there from people who have had successful treatment and had clear smears for a considerable period of time. I understand that when all is well you put it out of your mind so it's really great to hear a positive story.

I had treatment for CIN III in 2003 and feel blessed that my smears have been clear since. I'm now back to 3 yearly screening and scheduled to go in a couple of weeks and continue to get anxious and worry that it all might return. I apprecite there are people going through so much more and I really should get a grip but the fear never leaves.

Thanks again for sharing, I really appreciate it.

Much love and peace x


This is the best thread I have ever read!

Thank you both of you for continuing to return here and spread good news long after the majority have ridden off into the sunset.

Fabulous names as well!

Love you both!



My mum had a Cone biopsy at the age of 30 after years of abnormal smears. She is now 56 and every smear she has had since has been normal. Hope this helps. Xx