CIN missed at colposcopy smear

Hi, quick question please. Has anyone had a colposcopy where it looked clear for CIN but then later discovered it was there? I had a smear at the hospital in colp clinic and was told everything looked fine. He only put the solution on as an after thought as he was so sure. I have now had a letter to say there are severe changes, how can this have happened if there was no obvious sign? Any advice would be great. Thanks x x 

Hi, I had something similar a couple of years ago. I had an abnormal smear, the person doing the colposcopy said everything looked normal but the biospy confirmed changes. I guess it's possible for cells to be deeper than the naked eye can see even with the solutions. I'm waiting for biopsy results again after another seemingly clear colpscopy so it'll be interesing to see what happens with the results. 

So yes it can happen. 

Wishing you all the best. 

Hi there and thank you so much for replying. I've had a terrible day waiting to speak to someone at the colposcopy clinic and they were never free to ring me back. I hope that they call me back tomorrow as im so stressed not knowing what's happening. When you had a similar thing happen did it turn out to be CIN or CGIN? I'm so paranoid that the changes are further up inside in the glands and that's why it didn't show up. As the smear showed CIN 3 I just don't understand how it couldn't of been seen?? Thanks for your reply and I hope your results are good ones x x 


It's so frustrating when you're waiting for a call and someone doesn't ring you back, espcially when it's something like this. I can understand your confusion, particularly as it was CIN 3. Sometimes changes can be deeper up the canal. I had LLETZ under GA in December as the doctor thought there be changes high in the canal and they couldn't see in properly during colosposcopy. It was CIN 2.

When I had mine a couple a years ago the changes were CIN yes, and I was also baffled the doctor couldn't see them.

If I were you, I'd try ringing again today to let them you still haven't heard from anyone. One question to ask could be how skilled the colpscopist is, if you feel comfortable with that. Hope you get to speak to someone, let us know how you get on xx

Hi twilight12, sorry for such a late reply but I've had to force myself not to come on here as don't want to get myself worked up. I eventually spoke to someone at the colp clinic on the Tuesday so spent 5 whole days getting myself worked up into a tizz. What's happening is that they are looking at the smear results again at a meeting on Monday so they will call me straight after the meeting to let me know what has been decided but it's looking like I will need another LLETZ. I've had 2 already so she said they usually allow 3 before they look at surgery. 

Have you had your results yet? X x