CIN III (never been pregnant) - Altertantive therapy success?

Hello  Everybody,

First post here and I would be grateful for some more information from those who also have / had CIN III.
I am 35yrs old and never been pregnant, we are planning to start a family next year.

Today I got a letter from the hospital that "the test results indicate that there are some slight abnormalities present" on my cervix, and
"they will require a LLETZ treatment".

In the past couple of weeks obviously Google & Youtube was my best friend and I started to read about alkaline diet, how to strenghten
my immune system, etc.

I am wondering whether we have any ladies here who did not go for the LLETZ treatment and with alternative therapies turned back their
CIN III to a normal stage. You can call me crazy or dreamy, I just would prefer my body to heal itself instead of cutting a piece out of my body.
Spoken to the nurse today and she said strenghten my immune system is one thing, but they have a tissue diagnosis front of them and that is different...

Also I would be interested to know the experience of those who had LLETZ before getting pregnant. Whether the whole pregnancy went well or did they have any issues due to the treatment?

Many thanks for all answers & support!
Best wishes to all of you!

PAP smear:    2/12/2014
Colposcopy: 16/12/2014

Result: CIN III



Hi Susie

I do not think that you are crazy. However CIN3 is not something you want to mess with. 

The LLETZ treatment they have offered you is in fact a diagnostic and mostly a cure. This means that 95% of the time you only need this treatment and you should go back to normal. When they do the treatment they will also send away what they have removed for biopsy to ensure that indeed it is CIN3 and nothing worse, and that they have removed it with clear margins.

I had this done on Friday after an anxious wait over Christmas, and now am trying to distract myself whilst I wait for my results.

The procedure was not particularly painful (my smear was far worse!) and in fact I probably found the vinegar staining during colposcopy worse. There are LOADS of people out there who have had LLETZ and gone on to have healthy full term pregnancies, I think there is an increased chance of pre term labour, but you would be monitored and treated if there were any worries about that. In fact there is a recent post from a lady who fell pg within a few months of LLETZ and had a happy succesfully pregnancy, not sure how to link it in though...

By all means any therapies you can use to rid your body of this horrid virus are a great idea. But do them alongside and after treatment. I have been told all being well with my LLETZ results that my next stop is a smear and HPV testing in 6 months. Either way I am starting juicing to boost my immune system on the recommendation of a friend. 

Please do go and have the treatment they recommend. You would not leave a broken leg to be treated solely holistically and you should not with this.

Sorry if that sounds blunt. Wish I had taken it more seriously when I had borderline changes.

Keep well and hope it goes well for you



I'd have to agree, I wouldn't leave CIN3 to alternative medicine, as its only one step away from cancer. I too had the LLETZ recently and its not as bad as you would expect.

As soon as I had my first colposcopy and was told I had CIN1, I did all I could to boost my immune system and live healthier, but it had still progressed to CIN2 within a year. I quit smoking (even though I only smoked a few a week), I cut back a lot on weekend drinking, I took vitamins and continued to exercise and eat healthily. I think those are the main things you can do. A lot of people with CIN1 can get better, but I haven't heard that with CIN2 or 3 unfortunately.

Hi Susie, I have had cn3 for 15 months. I have been trying to heal it naturally; so far, I have not succeeded but it has not got worse. It is absolutely possible to get rid of it naturally; I am just starting to wonder whether it will be possible for me, as I am also dealing with anxiety and depression. Good luck whatever you decide to do x