Cin III and LEEP, now anxious!

Hey everyone,

I’m sure I’m posting more of the same, but thought the following worth voicing for reassurance. I’m almost two weeks after my LEEP procedure for CIN III which was picked up for the first time after a routine smear and colposcopy biopsy.

I found the LEEP procedure more difficult than anticipated emotionally, and didn’t do a massive amount of googling to stop myself from worrying before the procedure (but have ended up doom scrolling afterwards).

I’m very worried (even though I had a biopsy before the LEEP) they might find something worse than CINIII, and wondered if they are likely to get in touch sooner if so?

Alternatively, any advice to stop worrying about this until I get the results (in between 4-6 weeks) would be much appreciated!

I’m sorry you have to wait so long for results, I know the wait is hard! I had CIN 3 and a LEEP in May. I was very afraid the results would come back with worse news or that they didn’t get it all. Results came back as CIN 3 with clear margins. I just had my six month follow up pap smear and so now I’m waiting for results again lol. All you can do right now is try to hope for the best, everyone’s experience is different so it’s not for sure but it’s likely that it was still CIN 3 and that your doctor got it all. I found distracting myself with hobbies was helpful, you can try journaling your feelings out, exercising when you’re able to, just try to keep your mind busy in the mean time. You are not alone in this sister!

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Thank you so much for your reply. Great to hear good news and I really hope everything is good with your follow up! I’m going to take you up on this and try journaling this evening!

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