Hi everyone,


I have had mild dyskaryosis years ago. My most recent smear came back with high grade changes, CIN II. I then had a Colposcopy and LLETZ treatment 2 weeks ago. 

I wanted to know if it is actually possible to have a cervical cancer diagnosis directly after having a CIN II diagnosis, or would it have to go to CIN III first?


Thanks ladies xx



Although I don't know the answer definitively, I was just told by my nurse that CIN 2 or 3 take on average at least 7 years to develop into cancer. Just wanted to pass on the positive news that cervical cancer is apparently slow to develop, so if you go for regular smears/colposcopys/treatment, it should be caught before it ever gets to that stage.

I'm awaiting biopsy results following severe abnormalities, and this put my mind at rest, a little. X 

Hi MrsToco


Thank you for your reply. Yes, that has put my mind at rest too! 

I hope that everything goes well and that you get good results. The waiting is horrible isn't it?