CIN & CGIN - ungradable?


I am new here, I'm trying to find out some more information or speak with someone who has had this.

To give you a bit of background I'm 32 and live in Wales I have been having smears since the age of 21 every year - 6months i have only ever had 1 normal smear in all this time. i have had 3 coloscopys 2x punch biopsies (at different times). This time I had another coloscopy and punch biopsy that came back with CIN & CGIN And they made an appointment for me to have Lletz within 3 weeks of the biopsy result. When I went for Lletz I was expecting the same as what most woman I known have had done, but when I got there the consultant told me that they have found CIN and CGIN but unfortunately it was ungradable, and that they will be taking a large area to be sure it hasn't gone to the big C I obviously was upset, after the lletz under local anesthetic she made an appointment for this coming weds to have my results... My lletz was on Thursday just gone. I'm really worried and upset even more so when I saw in the leaflet you get your results via post in 4 weeks but I have already been given an appoinTrent for my results has anyone had this? I wpuld love to hear from someone who has x

Hi hunny, I had to post as I had the result "ungradable" when I went for my lletz i asked the consultant what CIN my biopsy was as all I'v been told is that it's "ungradeable", he told me that it was CIN 2 and 3 yet they couldn't decide on either as there was both. He said I shouldn't have been told it was ungradeable as that confuses people to think that the biopsy wasn't sufficient enough etc. So sounds to me that ur doc is thinking the same, he can't decide, so he's being cautious. I hope you get a good result and your margins are clear. Good luck xxx


thanks for replying it's all really confusing x


I thought I would let you know how I got on last weds. The consultant has told me the pathologist can't give me a definitive answer of if its cancer or not so is seeking a second opinion which I willknlw next week. She spoke to me about habong another loop and the possibility of a hysterectomy and checking my glands Iv been very upset for the past week (obviously) but today I am feeling more positive and ready to take on whatever the outcome. each days slightly different. This just shows you how important routine checks are x 

Hi Walker 

Just wanted to send you a big hug and wish you all the best. All of this is confusing at the best of times, but even moreso when even the experts are confused!