CIN AGAIN after 6 years post treatment (preg mentioned)



Well, I had my colposcopy yesterday - I cried as soon as I walked in to the room! Anyone else do that?! The nurse was amazing and really calmed me down. Beforehand the doctor told me that if there was nothing there (despite HR hpv) I would go on to a smear every three years... I almost choked! No way am I going on smears every three years - well, maybe when I'm 50 and been clear for a while! The doctor had all the personality and sensitivity of a plank of wood.

Anyway, on colposopy there was a patch on one side of my cervix and extending on to my vaginal wall. Cry 

It was not near the hole (os?) which is why it probably was not picked up on the smear. She biopsied - I was scared of this as not had a biopsy before (previously gone straight to lletz under GA). Wasn't too bad.


The dr thinks its low grade (Really really hope so). But I feel so frustrated that its there after my previous treatment 6 years ago. I have to wait 6 weeks for the results... this is far too long. I had a misscarriage a month ago and really want to try again.




I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this again, especially as you're wanting to try again for a baby. It's good you had a lovely nurse, the doctor sounds like they need to learn some sensitivity. (By the way, I cry too at colposcopy, in fact last time I started before crying before I even got in the room.)

The comment about going back to 3 yearly smears is due to this new HPV triage that they are doing. So even if you have an abnormal result but no HPV, or HPV but no abnormality they can send you back to routine recall. I find that absolutely terrifying as someone who never has an abnormal smear after LLETZ and doesn't have HPV. I've already decided if that happens to me when I'm next tested and my GP won't fund annual screening that I'm going to pay privately for a smear rather than wait 3 years. 


I hope you're ok, and that you won't have to wait as long as 6 weeks for your results.  Take care x