so I posted yesterday saying the hospital had sent post LLETZ results early - but they infact had made a mistake and my results are not back yet or atleats nothing has been sent out to me.

I just wanted to know what percentage of women with CIN3 and HPV results after a lletz get told they have CC? is it common?

I am really hoping that i get told i just need to have a smear in 6 months, i am so so worried. 

Hi  - I am totally same as you. I had Lletz today to remove CIN3 so now have horrid wait for the result. I posted on here too regarding chances of them finding CC. I think the % is small but it's normal to focus on this & not on the fact that it's probably ok I guess.

I hope you get the results you want & that you are recovering ok.

Take care


I will update on here as soon as i find out, i come on here everyday. for some reason just being on here makes me feel less alone and scared about it, sharing the burden helps! xxxx

Will keep everything crossed for you (and for me!).  I am trying to focus on the fact that if they do find CC it will be early stages and really treatable.

Good luck



How long did they say your results would take to come back?

I do hope you get the reaults you want.

Best of luck


Hi I have the same sin 3 had it loop of a week age now waiting for results I'm a bit scared my self of coming back as cc and as u said it would b early so it can b treated but its just the thought if it they told me it would take 4 weeks for results and u live in east Sussex so might b different in other Ares hope all goes well for u lady's finger crossed x

Smear June came back sin3

Clop and biopsy and loop 1-7-15

Now just waiting results 




Hi ladies

just wondering how everyone is and if anyone has their results yet?  I havent had mine but its less than a week!!

i am 5 days post Lletz now and have had no bleeding at all. I am not complaining but find it a bit odd?



I was told mine would take 6 - 8 weekd but I dont know if its different in Ireland?? Im now 3 weeks post LLETZ and no blood,discharge or pain.

Thank god.

It took me nearly 1 week to start bleeding after it was just getting the discharge of the monocells they put up and a coffee grain discharge.

Im sick of waiting for my results.

Best wishes,



I have been told up  to 4 weeks but hoping its quicker as my biopsy results only took 2.  6-8 weeks seems a very long time.

Still no bleeding or discharge for me so am keeping my fingers crossed!

Good luck for a good result


I agree 6 to 8 weeks is far too long.

My biopsy also took 2 weeks so Im pretty anxious (more annoyed) that this is taking so long.

Thats great your recovering well.

Good luck on your results also and keep posted.

Best wishes


Hi Kay, I was told the same as you, I had my biopsy in March 2015 but was assured it was cin1 but it was confirmed as cin3. I had the procedure to remove the bad cells but the results said that it came to the end of the smear but no further treatment required which has confused me and frightened me. I have just received my letter for my 6 monthly appointment and I am petrified. I keep telling myself that they got rid of the bad cells but the fear Is still there.