cin 3

Hi results of my colposcopy shown have cin 3

 I've had a loop excision  (lletz) on 2 June.  

Can someone explain to me what cin 3 is. I should have asked At the time

But wanted to get in and out as quickly as possible...nd Google scares me 


Cell changes/abnormalities are graded CIN1 (mild), CIN2 (moderate) or CIN3 (severe). So your letter means that the biopsies showed severe cell changes. They have already done your LLETZ, which is what they do to get rid of the abnormal cells. You should get a letter confirming that they got it all (called 'clear margins' which means that the bits on the edges of the tissue removed during LLETZ have no abnormal cells on them - in other words they take out the bad bit, plus a little extra to be sure)

Hope that helps

Thank you. I feel a bit better now x