Hello to all,

First of I'd like to thank you all for opening up and sharing your experiences. Its really been comforting and helpful through my journey. I have a few concerns of my own about what I've been through these past 3 months. My story begins back in November 2017, I started experiencing some post-coital bleeding. Then I just figured I might be starting my period but as time went by the bleeding and pain got worst. So in May of 2018 I decided it was time to have it checked out by my dr. I set the appointment and when I got seen for post coital bleeding my diagnosis was cervical erosion, which my doctors says its very common in women my age (36 years old). I expressed my concern for all the other symptoms I'd been having and the dr explained that it was probably ovulation pains. Honestly I left feeling so relieved and silly for thinking it might be cancer. Once the checkup was over the dr suggested for me, at my best convinience, to schedule my annual check up. Which I did before I left. Went back a few weeks later and my dr proceeded to follow up on the cauterization she had done the visit before and tells me my cervix looks so much better and that she had no doubt the coital bleeding was just attributed to the cervical erosion. Again I expressed my ongoing concern for the pelvic pain and painful bloating, she again explains its normal part of ovulation. In my head I was thinking I dont think its ovulation because pain comes almost on a daily basis all month long and doubt im ovulating all month long. Two days go by and I receive a call from the nurse saying I need to go back in for a colposcopy with biopsy because my paps smear came back with EPITHELIAL CELL ABNORMALITIES PRESENT. ATYPICAL SQUAMOUS CELLS - CANNOT EXCLUDE HIGH-GRADE INTRAEPITHELIAL LESION. At this point Im in shock and just say okay to everything she's explaining to me. Unfortunately for me they couldnt schedule the colposcopy until 4 weeks out, which drove me insane. After the long stressful wait I go in for the procedure and see a specialized OB/GYN. She goes on to explain what the procedure is and how it works, and tells me not to worry that only a very small fraction of women need further treatment. From the research I've done this dr is the best in the region and has been doing this for years. While she is prepping and observing my cervix she reassures me that my case is mild and she is certain she will not need to do anything else and recommends a follow up papsmear just to monitor me. I go home feeling somewhat relieved thinking all this is finally over! Well 3 days later I get a dreadful call from the nurse saying my results are back as: DETACHED FRAGMENTS OF SQUAMOUS MUCOSA DEMONSTRATING HIGH-GRADE SQUAMOUS INTRAEPITHELIAL LESION, CIN 3 and BENIGN FRAGMENTS OF ENDOCERVICAL GLANDS. She proceeded to schedule an appointment for a LEEP, its this coming Friday. Now I dont know what to expect and feel. I am still feeling all my symptoms and everything went from Oh its nothing to being something! Has anyone else had this happen, please help!!