i had my colposcopy 5 weeks ago after having low abnormal changes.

i called the hospital on Thursday and had basically been missed off the system and I should have been sent a letter and called in as they found CIN 3.

i am booked in for Tuesday to see the consultant but I’m just worrying this could turn out to be cancer.

they wouldn’t tell me much over the phone, I asked if it was cancer and she said she wasn’t medically trained.

if it was cancer would they have got me in sooner than Tuesday even after missing me off system? And would they know if it’s cancer now or is that what the next procedure would determine? 


Thank you

Can anyone give me some advise please? 

Hi Gina

I was diagnosed as CIN3 and had the LLetz procedure done and got a letter two weeks later telling me that they had got all the bad cells out and now I have to wait 6 months for a cure smear to make sure my reading has gone back to a normal reading.

I hope this helps