CIN 3 - waiting to go to theatre for LLETZ - Children Mentioned

Hi there,

im new to this forum & just looking for a bit of reassurance/advice.


i had my smear done back in February, abnormal results with the need for treatment. I went for my colposcopy where they took biopsies, the doctor said what she could see was quite worrying. It came back as CIN3. I attended my appointment in clinic last week for lletz, however when I got there she said they would rather do this in theatre as she said she didn’t feel comfortable doing it in clinic. She said although the biopsies showed CIN3, she is unsure if there may be something more sinister behind it. 


At this moment I am just waiting on a phone call to go the theatre to get this done. I feel like my head is all over the place, I can’t stop crying. I’m a nurse & ive had to take time off work cause I just can’t switch off. I feel like nobody round about me understands exactly how I feel, I am terrified! I really don’t know how I will cope if this comes back as cancer. I have a 9 year old daughter & was hoping to have another child (I was getting my implant removed at the end of this year) 


any advice or reassurance from anyone who has been in this situation? 



So sorry to hear this, I wish I could offer reassurance. I would keep chasing up and I would also get them to put you on a cancellation list so you can come at short notice if someone cancels their surgery slot. Good luck for it all. 

Just a little update, I went for my lletz under general on Tuesday, they ended up doing a cone biopsy instead as it went deeper than they originally planned. 

Now just the waiting to get the actual results 

Got everything crossed for you Kirsty xxxx