Cin 3 unclear margins


8 weeks ago I had Lletz treatment for Cin 3. It was my first smear that came back abnormal with no symptoms apart from unusual discharge. The results have come back  confirming CIN 3 with unclear margins and I am having to wait 6 months until a repeat colposcopy. This last week I have begun having abnormal bleeding - just spotting. Could this still be healing? Just wondering if anyone has had unclear margins for it to come back clear in 6 months.

Thanks xx

Hi hr26

I havent had exactly the same as you but hopefully someone will reply who has had a similar situation, it may be worth seeing your gp or hosptal and discussing your concerns and the reason for waiting 6 months. i know it can take a while to properly heal and i suppose it varies from person to person

sending bug hugs your way hun xx