CIN 3 - treatment complications


I have just joined, I am having my test of cure tomorrow and my anxiety is building up!

September 2016 (age 24) - I had my first smear test.

October 2016 - results were CIN 2 and I was referred to hospital for treatment

October 2016 - the doctor explained he would more than likely do treatment 'today' but explained the procedure and risks etc. He examined me and said he didn't want to do the treatment, but he took a punch biopsy instead. I was told to expect spotting and slight discomfort. Annoyingly a few days after, I began bleedy heavily and was admitted to hospital with an infection for 3 days.

November 2016 - Biopsy results came back as CIN2, referred for LLETS treatment.

December 2016 - treatment was performed (large excision - not just a scrape). Again, I was told to expect spotting. Unfortunately I had a very traumatic complication and actually hemorrhaged - I was rushed into hospital because I was losing so much blood. Was told to prepare for surgery and blood transfusion. They did however then say, they want to avoid surgery and cervix being stitched as I was so young and haven't had any children yet. I needed a bood transfusion and was hooked up to fluids and tranexamic acid to stop the bleeding. I also had a vaginal pack for 48 hours and catheter. Was in hospital for a week. Very very traumatic - the NHS are just fantastic.

My understanding was the part of my cervix which was removed was sent off for more testing. But my GP told me they had actually taken another Biopsy from further up - awaiting biopsy result.

December 2016 - biopsy results CIN3 (even more severe). But also referrred back to my GP to book in for another smear in 6 months.

So in my eyes... I am having a smear tomorrow, but I know I already have CIN3?? I am just so anxious already because I think I know I'm going to need more treatment. Now 25, getting married in 3 months and wanting to start a family!!

Has anyone had a similar experience? What will the next treatment be??

Thanks, Sarah x

Bless you, how awful!!! 

I had large haemorrhage 2 weeks after lletz, but mine was a hematoma that burst and after some prodding & transenemic acid I was fine... So not nearly as traumatic as your experience. I also had CIN 3 and had my test for cure smear last week. I'm also very nervous that I might need more treatment as in my case the area they removed didn't have clear margins. All I can do is hope..... They said I should know within 2wks.

Fingers crossed for you xx

I'm in the same boat, I ended up in theatre, I dont think I actually had a blood transfusion but they were preparing to give me one, things are very hazy and they came to tell me what happened when I was still half out of it and my husband had gone home.  Then after I didn't ask as at the time I was traumatised.

i feel that I had loads of info about the treatment, but nothing on now and what to expect at the test of cure.  

Sorry for asking - but from the forum posts, a lot of people are mentioning 'margins' - what does it mean for you to not have clear margins?

Im hoping you get your results quickly and trying to take your mind off it.

My partner is telling me off, I'm so stressed about it at the moment. Added stress ontop of the wedding plans!!



Hi Rosie - I completely agree!! I had so much info on the treatment etc. But nothing reassuring or information on what happens next from test of cure.

I dont even know how successful the treatment is. Where are you up to now? Are you still waiting for results??


Basically when the do lletz the want all the edges of the bit they removed to be healthy cells, so that the are sure the removed all the bad cells. With mine the bad cells extended all the way to the edge of big the removed... So they can't be sure the got it all... This unclear margins. With unclear margins it's more likely to come back as risk of HPV affected cells being left behind... I'm just hoping for the best. Should know in next week or 2 x

That was something else, I expected my results letter to mention margins, it didn't it just said something like "been removed"

im due to go for my test of cure next week, I haven't a clue what to expect, at the time of treatment I was told it would be at the doctors, but I've now been told it's at the hospital, I don't think they realise stuff like that worries you and if they change what they told you they should tell you why.

im really worried, I don't even think they will be able to do the exam, I. Think I'll just clamp up, then what? I hope they offer entonox as they did when things started to go wrong.

Just wanted to let you know that even with unclear margins I got the all clear yesterday. No abnormalities and no HPV! So relieved.

Hope everything goes well with your smear x