Cin 3 Symptoms

Hi everyone. I’m just reaching out to see if anyone had and symptoms when they had Cin 3.
I’m having Lletz on Wednesday afternoon after a punch biopsy revealed cin 2 and 3 on my cervix.
I’m OK about the procedure and I’m ready to have it done as I want the cells gone but I’m worried its more than they think. I’m catastrophising everything. I had sex with my Husband 2 days after my period and had a small bleed. Its never happened before. I’m wondering if it’s the remaining blood.from the period or is it my cervix bleeding.
I know you guys can’t give me answers but I wonder if you get bleeding with Cin3?
Many thanks for your time.

Hello I did bleed after sex for about 1 year not always but sometimes ,I had CIN3, I also had some pain in my cervix that I ignored and regret not going earlier but I already had LLETZ and all good now so don’t worry I am sure it will not be more than CIN3 is very rare that it is. Good luck for the Lletz was totally painless for me.


Thank you so much. I felt utterly sick when it happened. Can’t wait for the procedure to be over. Thank you for saying it was painless. I’ve read.some horror stories. Knowledge isn’t always power. Thank you x

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Let me know how you get on take care

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