CIN 3/Stage 0 cervical cancer - same thing..?

I received my Colposcopy biopsy results today. The letter states that the samples have shown CIN 3 so I have an appointment to return next week for LLETZ treatment. 

There was no further explanation so of course I’ve bren reading online(!), and a lot of things I’ve been reading say that CIN 3 is also known as/classed as Stahe 0 cervical cancer. However a lot of this info seems to be from American sources, so I’m wondering if that’s the case here in the UK too..?

Thank you for your help. 

CIN 3 is not cancer. I believe stage 0 is ancarcinoma in situ. I hope that makes sense. Good luck with your treatment.

Yes sorry, some of the things I’ve read say that CIN 3 is also called/known as ‘stage 0 carcinoma in situ’, or vice versus. 

I have CGIN and I also thought the same thing. I asked my consultant very clearly 'do I have cancer?' And she said no. Google is the worst! I was Google mad when I was first can't help it!

My consultant definitely says CIN 3 is not cancer. Just depending on the stain of hpv you may be at a higher risk of it developing and therefore they keep a close eye on you and if necessary may carry out preventative treatment.