cin 3/severe dyskaryosis & hpv

1st post here but been browsing a while really helpful reading everyones stories, heres mine...

im 32 experienced unusal bleeding oct 2012 was 10yrs since last smear so got booked in, results came back abnormal referred for colposcopy, when attending hospital i was told i tested positive for hpv. I recieved colposcopy,lletz biopsy results came back cin 3 severe dyskaryosis. follow up smear was in may 2013 and once again it has came back abnormal referred for treatment.. which i attended 15th aug i had colposcopy lletz and cone biopsy so now just awaiting results been told 4 weeks waiting time argh... anyone in similar situation? i had kind of expected to get the all clear at the follow up smear, has anyone ever been lucky enough that the biopsy has removed the pre-cancerous cells and went on to recieve normal results??

Hi lovely

Really sorry your next smear was abnormal again. My follow up smear was as well - but only mild at the moment. Have another follow up in September is see if any more treatment is needed. 

For most people one treatment is enough but for some of us the pesky cells return. Did you have clear margins after the first LLETZ? If you didnt, then it is more likely the abnormaility will come back

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Good Morning,

I feel your pain and it really is not nice having to wait so long for results. I am currently waiting for 6 weeks to get the results of my LLETZ treatment for a second time but as Hula-hoop has said, usually the one LLETZ treatment is enough for most people to remove the cells completely. I think it is successful in over 90% of women so I will keep my fingers crossed for you that you are in that percentage. Try your best not to worry between now and then (easier said than done I know!). Please let us know how you get on, will be thinking of you.