Cin 3 returned within 2 years

Hi guys,


I'm 23 years old, however at 20 I was having abnormal bleeding and pains after sexual intercourse, I went to the doctors who referred me for a smear.

At 20 they found grade 3 cin on my cervix which was removed by loop treatment, hoping this would be the end of that.

I then returned back to the hospital 6 months after for a check up smear which another biopsy was taken to confirm that borderline cin 1 had returned however apparently this did not require treatment. 

12 months passed and another smear was done, another biopsy, again grade 1 cin was found but no treatment was required. 

I've recently returned for my routine smear which has now confirmed that the cin3 is back, I'm so scared they have booked me in for urgent loop treatment, what if it returns again after this?!