Cin 3 results after lletz

Hello. I have just had the lletz procedure for cin 3.

my results are.... Excision at the ectocervical margin cannot be guaranteed- self explanatory.

i don't understand what the next two mean..... Extension into crypts present and the vessels are abnormal.

has anyone else experienced the same results as its driving me crazy?

thank you xxx

Hi there :-)

How did you receive these results? Was there not a medical person present whom you could ask? Is there a medical person you can talk to? I have no idea what these results mean and I cannot believe that you are expected to understand them without any explanation. Please demand that somebody starts talking sense, this is crazy.

Go Well



I was told the results in confidence when admitted to hospital at the weekend for heavy bleeding. Unfortunatly, the person that told me wasn't qualified to discuss the results. I am going to wait and see if the postman brings any letters today and if not I am going to call the hospital and ask them x

Hi again,

It sounds to me like that person has stepped well out of line and should probably be disciplined.

Definitely call the hospital.

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