CIN 3 Result

Feeling a bit down at the moment and would be lovely to hear from other women who are in or have been in the same position i'm currently in.

I went for my first smear test late last year and had an abnormal result come back. I then went for my colposcopy and the doctor said straight away that it looked like it needed treatment. That alone made me freak out because I didnt think they'd be able to tell until the samples had been examined properly in the lab.

Expecting the worse, I have now had my results back saying its at the CIN3 level. I'm now just starting to feel like i've been really unlucky with it all. I'm 25 and I wasnt sexually active until I was 18 and have only had 4 sexual partners during my lifetime, i've also never smoked and would consider myself to be quite a healthy person.

My biggest fear at the moment is not the treatment itself (LLETZ) but how it will affect my fertility. I'm getting married next year and we're planning on trying to start a family soon after, i'm scared that our plans will be stopped before they've even started.

I just feel so alone at the moment, my family and fiance are as supportive as they can be but being told eveything will be ok and that theres nothing to worry about is easier said than done when you feel like no one else really knows what its like.

I know I should just be greatful its not a worse result and believe me I am. (My fiance's mother died of cancer and my own mother is currently in remission for breast cancer.) I just hear so many different things that worry me and dont feel like I have anyone to talk things through with.


Awww bless you sweerhart big hugs i was diagnosed with CIN3 on the 18th dec i am haveing lletz on he 28th under GA  i dont ink the lletz affects yo getting preg i hk it just tske  bit longer but eveyone i diffrent am orry i crt help you much xxxxxxx

I completely understand how you feel hun< I had my first smear in november last year, my colposcopy in december and I am 3 days post LLETZ. LLETZ shouldnt stop you getting pregnant, the only thing they do say is that it increases your chances of the baby being born early. Easier said than done but try not to stress yourself out. Been there and it doesnt help. Hugs to you and keep your chin up hun x

Hey hun. My first smear has come back high grade and hav my colp on tues :/ im 24 and only went for smear as was invited as am nearly 25. Never thought it anythin to b worried about but am so glad i went!av the same fears regardin startin a family etc as my bf and i were plannin on startin this year however im gonna wait as dunno what my results r gonna b etc. I understand what u mean by everyone sayin it wil b ok but they r only tryin to help u. I wanna scream at ny other half sometimes n say how do u kno everythin is gonna b ok but we jus gotta try our vest to stay positive hun. Trust me i kno it is easier said than done. I hav good days n really bad days where i jus cry and hav a meltdown but am doin my best to keep my chin up and people on here hav been fab for support. Sendin u a big hug xxx

Thank you for your advice ladies. Its such a frustrating time and I do feel like i take it out on those around me too sometimes, if i dont scream and shout about it i'll just break down and cry! Everyone seems to be different in regards to pregnancy after treatment, it seems that the more times you go for treatment the harder it is to conceive due to scar tissue so i'm keeping my fingers crossed that I wont have to go through this again

Also know how u feel..had smear nov came back severe dyskryosis...I feared 27 and had put smear off for few years and have 2 4 weeks post lletz treatment. Im terrified that will come back again by time for 6 month check x