Cin 3 removal

Does anybody know how much of the cervix is taken if its cin3?



I had all of mine removed as mine was all white on the surface



were you told beforehand? Or did they tell you after?

all my letter said was cin3 , nothing about how much they took.


i was told there and then at the coloscopy and had treatment just awaiting the biopsy results x

I had CIN 2/3 and they said during my lletz that it was only a small area in the center, however I don't know how far up they removed.

Have you had it removed already? If so, in what kind of procedure? If they think they got it all during a biopsy at your colposcopy, then it's likely a very small area. If you  had it removed during certain kinds of procedures, the lab report will sometimes indicate "specimen size" somewhere. You could potentially ask the doctor to send you the full lab report.

If you haven't had it removed yet, you should ask the doctor generally beforehand. Maybe: How large is the area? is it near the center? does it seem like it may be superficial only? or might it be deeper once you get in there? I also asked them to show me the specimen after the procedure. Gross, I know! but I just had to know.  

They told me nothing during procedure 

I called up and the nurse that's normal and I'm like other hospitals tell you! It's just different in some