CIN 3 loop excision

Heya everyone, 


first post here -shuffles awkwardly- . I had foolishly put off having my smear for 3 years, I have no excuses other than anxiety but had it done, and the results came back as abnormal. Had my colposcopy appointment yesterday, the lovely doctor put the vinegar sollution in, did comment before hand that my cervix looked lovely... then once the sollution was placed in the vast collection of white bits showed up... not so lovely :/ Diagnosed on the spot with CIN3 and was told I could either have the cells removed then and there or come back. I bit the proverbial bullet and had it done there. Now just waiting for the results. Avoiding google... google is evil and makes me panic. So... perhaps sharing too much information, but can I chat about the weird discharge coming out of me... The nurse told me .. but I expected it to be ooozy stuff (yes I am that person who asks a load of strangers on a forum rather than the nhs help line lol ) Yesterday it was oozy today wiped myself and it was blobs of almost dry ish brown... stuff...a lump of it.. looked like dyed brown stringy cooked chicken (best description I can do... sorry... I know.. gross.)

Also, has anyone like me found that urinating afterwards feels weird? I will admit I had a UTI 2 weeks ago and got over that, but now it feels...I am very aware .. more so.. of my pelvic floor and its influence on my cervix as I am urinating... does that make sense?


Love and hugs


Hi yes last week i had no control over my bladder either, lol i went to the toilet not a lot came out, went back to my desk stood up and no control, felt something running out of me

I went to doc and got anti-biotics for 3 days, i then went from wee to bloody discharge. i thought i was getting old before my time, wearing tena lady all the time now, hopefully it will improve once my cervix is fully healed

good luck x