Cin 3 lletz 7 years ago now have changes/symptoms

It was only for jade goody being the same age as me that I went for my first smear test and how lucky I was at cin 3 went for lletz/loop excision biopsy and told I was very lucky it was pretty bad and my whole cervix and 3 layers was covered in the cells that was 7 years ago I was checked more regularly for first couple years and was ok now I’m due after 3 years well actually I’m late was supposed to be November how I’ve let it slip my mind I don’t know I’ve made the appointment today earliest appointment is two weeks only I am worried last few days I am spotting really bright red blood and sore pelvic pain like period pain I am mid cycle also my last period was not normal was very painful to the point of me in tears for two days very heavy for 2-3 days clots and stopped very suddenly when usually it’s 5-6 days and never had pain like it fingers crossed its something and nothing I never realised it can come back after treatment silly I know x