CIN 3/LEEP/pregnancy


I received my first abnormal Pap smear results about two weeks ago. I’ve never had an abnormal Pap so this was scary news. They diagnosed me with low grade HPV and a coloscopy was scheduled a week later. My doctor performed the coloscopy and said my cells looked like typical HPV cells but he took a biopsy to be safe. I just got my biopsy results back yesterday. My ECC came back as high grade dysplasia, CIN 3. My doctor is recommending a LEEP with top hat procedure. I am 31 years old and am getting married in just a few weeks. We want to start a family very soon. I am so upset and anxious about this diagnosis. I am worried about this procedure and it affecting fertility/having a safe pregnancy. Is this procedure safe? How much of my cervix will be removed? How long is the recovery time? What are the side effects/risks?? Has anyone been in a similar situation?? I’m just overwhelmed with anxiety at this point. Thanks fo anyone who is willing to shaker their story or offer advice.


Hello Catlady. Sorry you find yourself in this situation I was treated for CIN3 a few months ago but I completed my family and I always think it must be a big worry for women in your position, but for what I have been reading about Lletz or Leep same thing many women go on to have kids with no issues. I believe they do close monitoring to make sure is all fine but the Lletz surgery should not stop you from having babies. Tell your doctor your worries on the day and I am sure he will be able to reassure you about this. Good luck

Hi there,

I’m in a similar position. I have CIN 2 and was advised to have LEEP but I was so worried about the procedure impacting any pregnancies (I’m 28, no children yet).

I had to push a lot with the hospital but finally managed to get an appt the gynaecologist who was actually really understanding. She is taking my case to MDT to see if I can go with either a conservative management approach or if not, cold coagulation (as she seemed to be saying there are less obstetric risks associated with it). I’m just waiting to hear back but I think it’s defo worth trying to have a direct discussion about it if you can as I feel the hospital didn’t initially tell me what all the options were x