Cin 3 for 4th time

Hello, I have been under colposopy for 9 years now. It started when my little boy was only 6 months old. I had very heavy bleeding ( dripping) and was rushed to hospital for blood loss.

They referred me to gyno who sent me to colp. I had cin 3 and lletz was done. They also found I had a 2 CM blockage in my right Fallopian tube and 1.5 CM in left.

Over the years I have been on 3,6,9 and 12 month referrals and results have varied between clear, cin 1, cin 2 and cin 3. I have had lletz done 3 times now and 12 months ago I was discharged from hospital treatment.

In July I received a letter from gp for a smear so I went along and had it done. The results came back servere dyskaryosis

and was sent back to colp. I went last week for an examination where they found I had no cervix left. They are sending my case to a board to see if I am suitable for a hysterectomy. 

My son is nearly 10 and I don't want anymore kids, but at 33 I need info on side effects. 

I don't have any info but I'm also having a hysterectomy.  I've had LLETZ done twice for CGIN. 

Hi - there is a good group on FB called Hystersisters.  I've found it quite helpful in terms of information and support.

I am booked to have keyhole hysterectomy on the 20th September for similar reasons to yours although I am older at 46.

Hi msjalian 

i just wanted to ask about the discrepancies you mention between smear and colpo? 

i had smear in sept, came back 'borderline'. I wasn't mega concerned. Was sent for a colpo as tested positive for high risk hpv. At colpo, she did a biopsy and thought she had got all the dodgy cells. 'See you in a year' she said. Not so. Now I have a follow up lletz for the 4th October (5 weeks after colpo) and it says that I have high grade CIN (which I believe means 3, unclear). My cervix looked ok apart from a small area when it was examined. 

I don't understand how the results can differ so significantly. From borderline to high grade. What's that about? Is that common? 

any advice would be much appreciated. 

Thanks ladies and I hope the hysterectomy sorts everything out. 



Sorry hun - I only just saw this. Mine was kind of opposite. I had a high grade smear test. I then had biopsies taken by lletz which came back completely clear. I had already been referred to another hospital as the area looked too large to treat at colposcopy so I had another colposcopy at different hospital and went on to have it treated under GA - the tissue results then did match the original smear test result. 

My only guess is that they didn't get the biopsy deep enough originally or that the affected area was difficult to reach?

I only found out recently after another smear that I have high risk HPV which I have not cleared. I was offered yet more treatment or hysterectomy which I had done last Wednesday. But I'm 46 and most definitely done having children so it was a bit of a non brainer. I'd had enough of the colposcopies/biopsies/Lletz merry-go-round.