CIN 3 experience. HPV Positive. Back to 3 year wait


This is sort of my experience but also asking for advice about waiting between screenings.

In January I had a Colposcopy for High Grade Dyskaryosis and had the Lletz treatment the same day. The results came back as CIN 3 but said there was nothing more abnormal and that I have been put back into the care of my GP.

When I had a follow up in July it showed no abnormal cells but HPV present, in my first screening they never tested me for HPV but I was told that this time they had changed the way they do screenings to check for HPV first. Obviously I was then horrified as I googled more about HPV and what it could mean. I was referred for another Colposcopy and I had to visit my GP to ask why, and she said it was procedure because I was at high risk. 

At my Colposcopy 5 weeks later I was told they have found nothing abnormal and nothing to even warrant a biopsy and I was put back onto a 3 year wait.

I am ofcourse relieved and know I am so lucky. However being a worrier and reading about high risk HPV I am concerned that 3 years is quite a long time and I thought at best it would have been 1?

Anyone had a similar experience? I am expecting things must be changing with the changes of how the do the screenings



Jodie x


Just started here... read your thread. 

I know it is expensive, but would you consider annual paps at private clinic? For your own piece of mind?! 

I’m waiting for my first colposcopy which is in November... Read so much, just can’t believe so many women affected.

Yes I have been thinking I want to go private after a year, I want to see if anything that I‘ve cleared the HPV or not

That was one of my first thoughts, I couldn’t believe how common changes were which made me feel so much better tbh! 

Thanks :)