CIN 3 back pain?

Hi ladies,
Just wondering if anyone experienced low back/hip pain with CIN 3? I have experienced some abnormal bleeding also. Smear results came back with high grade changes. During colposcopy it was agreed to do lletz under GA as the area was too large to treat under local.
I am currently waiting for this procedure and was told it could be a ten week wait. I was feeling really concerned about my symptoms alongside pain in my hip so visited GP on Monday. They almost laughed at me and explained that it would take years to develop into cancer. I took that on board but I have an intuitive feeling that something is really wrong. I’ve been exhausted for months and can’t face waiting ten weeks and then a further wait for results.

I have suffered with back pain since having my daughter 17 years ago. So to be honest, its something im used to and dont really associate with anything to do with downstairs! A 10 week wait is long. How annoying for you…did they say why so long?

Hi Hippy,

Thanks for taking time to reply. Are you also waiting for lletz under GA? I’m on urgent list and I’ve had pre assessment but told it could be 2-10 weeks. I just want it all over, I’m sure it’s just pre cancerous and can easily be treated but everytime my back hurts I worry.

Hey Lily, yeah i am waiting for a LLETZ & Colposcopy with GA. I went last wednesday and thought i was going to have them lasered off…but upon looking the consultant said my cervix was too damaged. I have high grade CGIN with HPVand the procedure is a little trickier. Im booked in for the 6th September. Its an urgent referral! Have my pre assessment this wednesday…so its moving quickly. I do feel like im getting periid type pains but think my head is playing tricks on me (i hope)

Im glad you have had your date. I’m hoping to hear something this week :crossed_fingers: at least we can have a nice sleep when it’s happening. Take care and good luck for the 6th xx

Thank you & keep us posted if you hear anything xx

Hey, I was also diagnosed with CIN 3 and mixture of low and moderate. My smear was the same as yours too, high risk severe & HPV positive. Fortunately I had my LLETZ at my Colposcopy appointment to treat, I’m 3 days post, 4 if you count the day it was done.

Anyhow, I get lower back pain now and again, especailly when Aunt Flo arrives. Ive got it today too, but im putting that down because of the LLETZ treatment.

I think if you call them and express your feelings, and ask if there is any cancellations could you be put forward, they probably would hun.

Sending big hugs, its horrible to wait around, our minds go into over drive, I know mine does xxxxx

I will call by the end of the week if I haven’t heard anything. How are you feeling? X

Fingers crossed you will recieve a letter with a date on some point this week.

Im doing okay thanks, just a little back ache yeterday. First day I was super sore and felt like something was in there that shouldn’t have been if that makes sense, like a tampon that’s gone in awkward lol but that feeling went after some tablets because I was a bit too sore. but been okay since. No bleeding yet, ju5at watery discharge. Hope your well? Xxx

Hi hippy,
Just wondering how you are doing after the procedure? Hope it all went well.

Hey Lily1…i believe the procedure went well. Im just waiting on the results. I had very little bleeding, but 5 days on have a weird back / hip pain!!

Glad to hear it went well and I hope you will get good news soon. Don’t over do it and rest

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