CIN 3 and trying for a baby

hello all,

i had amazing support the last time I posted on here so hope you do not mind me coming back for more advice.

I had high grade abnormalities found in my smear in May. I had the colposcopy in June but Lletz treatment postponed until I returned from holiday. At this point the nurse said she thought it looked like CIN2. I went back for treatment 2 weeks ago and had the Lletz. The nurse said the area had not changed. Anyway, I have had the biopsy results back and it is actually CIN3. The letter recommends a follow up smear in 6 months but it doesn't contain any reassuring things like "area all removed" or "clear margins" which I have seen on google!

i wonder if anyone has been through anything similar whilst also trying for a baby. We had hoped to try in July but this obviously got delayed when the smear came back. I am now in a bit of a dilemma. My initial reaction was to make sure im ok after the 6 months but then I worry that if further cells need removing, I'll be back to square 1, whilst if we are lucky enough to get pregnant fairly quickly, the smear will be delayed by four(ish) months. I think the CIN3 diagnosis has rocked me a bit and, because it was more severe, I am more concerned about it coming back for some reason and, in moments where I lose control of my thoughts, have the associated worry of hysterectomy's etc. I suddenly feel my biological clock ticking when I really haven't before!

im going to discuss all this with my (very good) GP but wonder if anyone else has dealt with/is dealing with this dilemma and could share their thoughts.


Thanks everyone, wishing you all the best.


Hi, yes we were about to begin trying for a second child just as I received my abnormal smear results. That was delayed of course following treatment. I have recently had my six month follow up but was told to hold off trying (as I fainted and had some complications). I am now waiting for another appointment in 3 months for another colposcopy so fingers crossed after that one, we will be ok to start trying. 

i also know that there is a higher chance of complications, since having my cone biopsy but would like the all clear before trying again. 

Good luck :)