CIN 3 and possible cancer cells?

Hello!  My nurse called me back today to schedule a Leep Procedure. I have CIN3.

She said it was called it stage 0 and that it is possible some of the other cells may

already be cancerous. Here are my questions...

  1. Will the Leep Procedure be able to tell if there was any cancer present?
  2. Would I need futher treatment if cancer cells were found in the Leep?
  3. Has anyone else went through anything similar? 

1. Yes. They will send off to pathology and test it.

2. Probably not. If very early stage Cancer it will most likely be cleared by loop. Pathology will look to see if there are 'clear margins' a clear section between abnormal cells and what is left behind. 

3. I have/had vain 3 (vaginal equivalent of CIN) 

Its a worrying time for yiu bit the VAST majority of leeps do not find Cancer. Good luck with your results!