CIN 3 and persistent abnormal cells

Hi everyone,

I’ve had 3 smears which were positive for HPV and 2 with abnormal cells but was only referred for a colposcopy and lletz recently.

I’ve received a copy of the letter that has been sent to my GP today and I’m concerned about the phrasing ‘high risk hpv positive and ‘high grade changes’

I’m still waiting on the lab results to hear if it’s cancerous or not, but I was just hoping to hear from other women who also had/have cin3 and ‘high risk hpv’. In particular, what was the verdict of your test results? And what were next steps?



I would try not to worry as easy as it sounds… i was told i had high risk HPV and group B step positive and was told I had CIN2, recently had LETZ for this under LA and all went fine just waiting for results.

Think positively, they found something and they can treat it. Xxx