Cin 3 6months smear test.

Hi im new to this board in posting. I joined this forum just after i got a letter referring me to the hospital to have treatment after my smear showed i had/have high grade dyskaryosis and cin3 not sure if they are the same. I had wire loop extraction and a biopsy. I didnt read up on what happens during this procedure. I never mentally prepared myself for what happend i just assumed id got called back to have a normal smear as id had an anbnormal smear in the past and discovered the cells on the outside of my womb should have been on inside. And the cells on the inside of my womb were my outside and my smears have all been fine since then. Up untill feb (2015) i had treatment in march (2015) the procedure was sore and painful for myself personally i couldnt move for days felt like my whole bottom half of my body had been crushed by a steam roller. I know everyone is diffrent with there treatment i found it quiet painful. I also got a severe water infection a week later. I had my 6month smear test done 4 weeks ago and ive not had had a letter to say what my results are or if ive been refared back to my doctors. I rang hospital today but no answer so i went to doctors to check if they had anything sent from the hospital and they said no last thing on there system was a refarel to the gynecologist on 2nd november 2015. 3 weeks after my 6month smear check. Im confused as to why ive been refared as ive not got a letter from hospital and im convincing myself its back again,maybe worse this time. Ive never suffered with anxiety but since i had an anxiety attack during treatment i seem to be suffering with them abit more. Im not sure anyone can give me the answer lol but im just wondering if anyone else has had this also? Sorry if post is abit long.
Thank you for any comments x

Hi Lisa, I'm sorry I don't have the same experience as you but thought I'd post to let you know I also suffer from anxiety. It's undiagnosed but I know it's there iyswim?

ive recently undergone a colposcopy with LLETZ and a biopsy, I had to perform some breathing techniques to get through the procedure but the nurses there with me understood and helped me through it. Like you, I had no idea what was going to happen and I was completely shocked when it did!! I experienced a fair bit of pain the day of the procedure and a few cramps in the few days following it.

im waiting for my results to come back atm so can't really give you much more advice apart from I'm here to listen if you want to vent and that I hope you get the answers you're looking for soon! Is there a number for the colposcopy unit where you were treated on any of your appointment letters at all? I'd maybe chase them up again about it.