Cin 2


so got a cin2 diagnosis after my biopsy and awaiting appointment for lletz. I'm so worried I haven't been at work since I heard or wanted to see anyone. My relatives tell me it's pre cancer therefore nothing to worry about but I am reading stories of women having cin2 being diagnosed with CC after their lletz so I'm freaking out totally. Should I prepare myself for the worst? The nurse said the biopsy tested negative for actual cancer but from stories on this forum it's pretty clear they sometimes misdiagnose. I'm so confused

Sssshhh sweetheart,

You'll be fine. Even if a tiny little bit of cancerous cells are found (so unlikely you can't imagine!) then it'll be so tiny it'll be out of you in the twinkle of an eye and you'll have nothing to worry about. I'd like to add 'I promise' but obviously I can't do that. go with what your relatives are saying and enjoy a nice weekend.



Thanks Tivoli hope you have a lovely weekend too xxx

Hi Alizee,

I was absolutely petrified about the same thing. I believe most of the time they are pretty spot on but very occasionally something will slip through the net and these were of course the stories which had me gripped. I was convinced I would be that guy! It is very unlikely that your biopsied CIN2 would come out any worse in the LLETZ but as Tivoli says, if anything were to be found at this stage it would be microscopic and easily treatable. 

Try not to stress yourself out, it is really really unlikely for anything to change when you have your LLETZ

Hope you get your appointment through soon so you can put it all behind you



Hi Alizee just wanted to swing by and see how your doing? I hope your feeling a little better? Xxx