CIN 2 natural regression success story

I there. I just had my second colposcopy but this time at Kingston hospital. I cannot recommend them enough after my awful experience at Homerton. 

I was diagnosed CIN 1&2 in March this year and Homerton really pushed me toward getting LLETZ which I declined due to the horror stories I had heard and reading that my age and health meant that I had a 60% chance of natural regression. 

8 months later, my colposcopy just showed just a small amount of CIN 1. Kingston said they wouldn't treat this and will see me again in a year. They will only perform LLETZ for CIN 3 for someone my age (30) and in good health otherwise.

I have been so scared for the last 8 months so wanted to tell you that natural regression DOES happen and you don't need to get LLETZ if you dont want it. 

Hello! I came across your post and thought I would reach out as I am also trying the natural route before deciding to get LEEP as I'm pretty concerned about post-LEEP consquences given what I have read, even though a few gynocologists have assured me it is a routine procedure. 

I was just curious as to how you made out. Did the natural protocol help with regression or, ultimately, did you have to get the LLETZ?