CIN 2 major anxiety about LLETZ treatment

hi there , I had a colposcopy 4 weeks ago with 2 punch biopsys taken and have since had confirmation of CIN 2 which requires lletz treatment. I am extremely anxious and tearful about this as I found the colposcopy painful. I was told by the nurse that I must just be extra sensitive during the process which actually brought me to tears. I am now extremely worried about the lletz being just as painful and am wondering if it's possible to be given something to relax me before hand or to have a general rather than local anesthetic ? Can anyone advise if they have had painful procedures and what they were able to do to combat this? I should add as well that I was told at colposcopy appointment that I have a slight prolapse as well which she said may contribute to the pain and I have always found cervical screenings to be painful . 




Hello, I had a bad experience with the coloposcopy and was so scared of having the lletz treatment but it wasn't that bad at all. Once the anaesthetic gets to work I couldn't feel anything. There is the option to have the general though if you speak to them about it.

My fiancé said he thought the lletz sounded less painful than the punch biopsy- going off the information leaflets and what I told him. Thanks so much that makes me feel better knowing that the local works really well. Did you feel anything when the injection went in for the local? i think I had a bad experience last time and unfortunately it's made me super nervous for this next appointment . 

Hi Daisy!


Hope you're ok - it is such a nervewracking time, isn't it? In my opinion, your boyfriend is right; punch biopsy was much more uncomfortable for me. The LLETZ took minutes, and personally I didn't even feel the injection as they use a really fine needle. 


I hope it all goes well! Mine was high grade/moderate smear, CIN2 from punch biopsy and then CIN2 from LLETZ. I am sure you'll be fine, but it really is worth making sure you're comfortable. If that means doing it under general, then so be it. You can also contact your GP - they may be able to prescribe a sedatitve so you can breeze through the LLETZ. 


Emma x

Hi Daisy

I was in a similar boat to you, apart from I didn't find the biopsies too bad at all - didn't feel them in fact. The biopsy results came back as CIN2 and my lovely consultant did phone me and ask me whether I wanted to have the LLETZ done under GA, as I have a medical phobia and was quite anxious about it. 

I decided to go ahead with it under local, because most people on here said that the biopsies were worse than the LLETZ and also because I'd never had a GA and was worried about recovery times (I am self-employed so no work = no pay!)

I went for the appointment, and unfortunately both times the doctor tried to give the local anaesthetic, I nearly hit the ceiling. I found it really, really painful. She said that maybe I am just really sensitive down there, but that doesnt entirely make sense, as I didnt feel the biopsies at all.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my lovely doctor told me quite firmly that she wasnt going to carry on and have me walk out of there traumatised, so she wanted to book me in for LLETZ under GA. That's what I had, last Friday. I would say that if you're scared stiff by the whole thing and afraid of being in pain, it's the way to go. I would definitely do it again if I needed another round of treatment. Fall asleep and wake up when it's all over :-)

I am pretty much back to normal now, after a mildly spinny head at the weekend, the only lasting effect seeming to be an odd tendency to wake up at 5am! Not sure what that's all about, but I wish it would stop now.

So in short, if you think you will struggle to cope with it under LA, I would recommend just asking for a general. If the doctor who did your colposcopy is as nice and sympathetic as mine, it shouldnt be a problem

All the best


Hi Emma 

thanks for your reply it makes me feel much better hearing from someone who's had it done. I'm hoping it all goes well I'm the same as you high grade smear , punch biopsy confirmed CIN2 and now awaiting the lletz. Ive been trying the colposocopy unit at my hospital to have a chat with someone about it but no luck so far. I'll make an appointment with the gp in the meantime to see if they can advise what they can help with too. 

Thanks a lot for your reply it's helped! 

Hi Elise 

thats exactly what I'm afraid of - trying to give the local and me hitting the roof! Honestly just dabbing the solutions and the punch biopsys had me in tears so I can't imagine the thought of a needle going in not hurting. I'm going to keep trying the colposcopy team at the hospital to speak to someone and also get an appointment with my gp to discuss with them. I obviously need to have the treatment so I will find a way that gets me through - thanks so much for replying and your advice x

Hi Daisy

I really would go for the general in that case, if I were you. Probably worth pointing out though (in case it makes the decision a bit more of a fine balance) that if you have GA, you'll have to have blood taken for the pre-op assessment, and then a needle stuck in your hand for the canula through which they give the anaesthetic drugs. So not a needle-free experience either, I'm afraid!

Looking back on my experience, although I went into total crying meltdown for both the blood test and the canula, I would still do it that way again if it had to be repeated. I wouldn't say that it was too traumatic, overall, odd though that sounds now. I think that a lot of it was fear of the unknown - this is the first thing that has ever gone wrong with me in my 44-year life and I was pretty clueless as to what to expect, which just frightened me even more.

Best of luck with whatever you decide, and here's hoping that they can sort you out quickly so you can get all of this over with!

x x



Hello! I found them SO painful and uncfortable, i would scream, cry, nearly pass out or be sick. 

I had my LLTEZ under GA and it was the best decision. Apart from some mild pain afterwards it was a breeze compared to the cols.

Hi ladies 

just want to say thank you for all your advice and comments. 

Had my lletz today and managed without ga just local. It really was nowhere near as painful as the pinch biopsys. 

I was so relieved once the first injection for the local went in I didn't feel a thing. just feeling some mild cramps now but controlable with paracetamol.