CIN 2, LLETZ...havent gone back for required pap!

Hi everyone, 

i was just hoping to get some advice, maybe some personal experiences on post LLETZ (for someone who has been a fool and not followed up properly). I'm 38 years old and had a LETTZ 3 years ago (June 2014) with clear margins and a finding of CIN2 (which was proceeded by a finding of HPV, 4 nasty types) I went back for a pap smear 6 months later and that was normal (yay!).

I then went for another pap 6 months after that (so 12 months post LLETZ) and it came back 'Negative' (to dysphasia or malignancy) with a note from the pathologist saying that there were minor, non-specific changes (Which doesn't mean their 'abnormal' neccisarily, it could apperntly be a sign of inflamation or far as I understand).

I had moved interstate in the mean time so this was a different GP but he said this was nothing to worry about and that I should come back in a year. I told him that I'd been advised by the Gynochologist that organised my LLETZ to have 6 monthly tests for the first two years so he got me to come back in another 6 months (1 and 1/2 years post LLETZ). When I had that pap the result was the same again, but the GP explained that since I'd recently had thrush that might explain the inflamation. In short he was very reassuring and asked me to come back in another six months (which was when he'd wanted to do the test anyway, 2 years post LETTZ).

The only problem is that I didn't end up having the papsmear till just last week (3 years post LLETZ) and now I'm waiting for the results, kicking myself for putting it off (I was pretty busy with a new job and relationship, but I guess I was also I put it off until the time slipped by) and pretty scared at what they might be.

Has anyone had a similar experience, or perhaps someone has had experience with a recurrence (that were monitored and treated properly rather than avoided like silly old me)?

...also sorry this is a bit long winded, its all been working around in my panic stricken mind and when I went to write it down I couldn't stop!