CIN 2/ LEEP advice

I am at a loss right now. Bit of back story, I’m currently 31, DH is 32. 


2018- high risk HVP. Colposcopy was done- 12:00, BIOPSY:



2019- high risk HPV- 9:00, BIOPSY:



LEEP procedure was recommended but we had just started TTC. NP I was seeing assured me it would not affect me TTC. She did tell me if you choose to wait, once you deliver we’re doing the LEEP procedure. Well what if the cells have regressed? Doesn’t matter, we will still do it! I did some research and found out you shouldn’t TTC until 6 months-year after procedure and even then there were complications. Met with another dr in practice  and she explained 5% chance of progression to cancer and that could take years. She said “‘medically I have to tell you I recommend the decision. But if you’d like to delay it until pregnancy, that is ok”

Reading the risks of a LEEP procedure to future pregnancy, DH and I opted not to have procedure done and continue TTC (we thought it’d be easy to get pregnant!) 


Fast forward to this year- I am still not pregnant. Had my annual appointment with the NP (in hindsight I should have reschedule with a dr). She walks in to my appointment for my colposcopy and says “well I’m sure you’ll need the LEEP procedure again this year- plan to decline it again?!” In a very snarky tone. I said let’s see what the biopsy shows. She took cells from 10:00, 6:00, and 2:00. I asked if there were any abnormal cells present at 9:00 (where CIN-2 was last year) she said no. I said every biopsy I’ve had has been at a different location and each time the previous area of concern has cleared up on its on. Is this a good thing or bad? Her response was “that’s an interesting thought. What do you plan on doing?” Well I want to wait for the results, I’ve read the risks to pregnancy. She in a very condescending  tone said “And I know the risks of not having the LEEP. Would you rather have a baby or have cancer?” And walked out. Prior to this last exchange, She did agree to order progesterone and thyroid test. 


Since coming off of the pill I have been using LH tests, with definite peaks each month. I have fertile CM, and ovulation pains monthly. She called me Friday and left Me a voice mail “your progesterone is low. You’re not ovulating. We’ll discuss it when I call with your biopsy results. But you need to have the LEEP done.” Again.. biopsy results aren’t in!


  1. I’m finding a new doctor! As soon as she calls me with the results I’ll be switching to a dr in the practice that has come highly recommended by numerous friends.

Has any one has any experience with a LEEP and getting pregnant soon after? My SIL had one but she didn’t have her first child until 10 years after it.


Doctor called today, results are still CIN2. Same as last year.