CIN 2, just need info about treatmenr

Had my 1st abnormal smear test, got referred 2 colposcopy got biiopsy, ended up fonin hosp for my results n got told i had CIN 2 n i needed treatment 2 remove them didnt get much info as 2 what would happen next, got hosp app on 14th aug but dont no what 2 expect, i bleed for nearly 2 wks after my biopsies n ma periods r all over the place, asked if i would b ok 2 go 2 work if i would b ook 2 driive bk home if iid get a loocal or general anesthetic n got told i wouldnt get eiither its just a nornal procedure, id b ok 2 drive plus go 2 work, 

Just thot id join this forum n hope id get sone advice from ppl thats been thru it, thanx in advance xxx

Hi there,

Do you know what treatment they are planning to give you when you return? If its a lletz procedure this would be done with either a local anaesthetic or a general. For me it was done under general as there was a large area to cover and I was bleeding far too much. either way I would say you atleast need a day or two off work and would be more appropriate for someone to drive you and take you home, definitely for a general and for the local its just more practical as you dont know how you are going to react or feel after the procedure. Some dont find it painful at all and others its agony. but this all depends on the procedure that they are planning on doing.


Take Care.

Charlene xx

Thanx Charlene they havent told me what treatment they r goin 2 give me, think thats why im worryin more about the whole thing, i found the biopsies really uncomfortable n had cramps for a few days after, my hubby is goin 2 drive me just incase, just wanted some advise n help so i kind of no what 2 expect 

Really appreciate gettin bk 2 me xx


Sorry the docs haven't told you more. Most likely you'll have LLETZ. I had this for CIN2 a month ago under local... not sure why they said you wouldn't have local or general, they'll be removing part of your cervix! I didn't find it painful, just a bit uncomfortable. I got a cab home and had the day off work, but would've been fine on the bus (boyfriend insisted on a cab!). Was back at work the next day but I guess it depends on how active your work is, I work in an office so just a day was plenty. Biopsies were way more uncomfortable as they don't use anaesthetic. As for bleeding, I had none for 10 days then some light bleeding (4 pads a day) for about 10 days then it all just stopped. Really not too awful :) 

Anymore questions just ask! 

Emma x

I agree with above. I had a lletz done under local it uncomfortable but not too bad over all. I went back to work the following day, but it depend on yourself everyone is different. You def need someone to drive you. I felt a bit jittery after it. I probably could have drove, but it's nice to have someone with you for support. 

Thanx for replyin bk 2 me i work iin a warehouse with heavy liftin n also do nite shift so iv took the nite off just 2 c how i am, my bleedin was really heavy for abouut 7 days n have been bleediin oon n off since but my cycle has a mind of its own but also told them that when i goot my biopsies taken, they said at the hosp that they would send me out a letter explainin my results n the next step but havent received anything apart from my app letter n doesnt say anything about it, iv not loong 2 wait to find out but wanted 2 prepare myself a bit more for what was gonna happen,


I always went for my smear tests on tine n they have always been ok, do they give uu results the same day as the procedure or do uu have 2 waiit?? Sorry for all the questions i appreciate uur replys thanx again


Denise xx