CIN 2 & CGIN removed with clear margins. Am I still at risk?

I had my first LLETZ done 4 weeks ago this Monday. Two weeks ago my doctor rang with "good news": All she said was the affected area was removed with clear margins and I just had to have a pap smear with my next annual exam, which normally wouldn't be until June 2018. 

At my followup exam I asked again about a followup and she confirmed that I didn't need a pap in 6 months, I could wait until June. 

Today I finally got the official results from the pathologist in the mail. There were actually two affected areas, both CIN II, and one had "glandular involvement." I am really surprised she didn't tell me this. I had to read on the Internet that CGIN is more concerning and has a higher risk of reoccurence. 

So why don't I need a six-month checkup? I really like my doctor, but is she being too laid back about this?



I had my LLETZ done 2 weeks ago and am still waiting for my results (this feels like the longest two weeks ever). When I had my LLETZ done the doctor told me if all is ok I will be called back for a smear in 6 months time. I'm not sure if its different where you live but in Wales I understand theres a 6 month follow up after LLETZ.

I personally would see if you could request one?  I would've liked the CGIN to be explained to me too rather than have to read up on the internet to what it means. 

Did have any bleeding after The LLETZ? I have been bleeding for two weeks and may go back to the doctor as it doesn't see to be period blood (sorry TMI haha). Xx