CIN 2 but negative HPV????

So here's my story, because I'm new here:


2004: LSIL on 2 paps in  a row

2005: HSIL, colposcopy indicating CIN 3, 1 LEEP confirming CIN 3.  Positive for HPV 16

2006: follow-up colp showing CIN 2/3, repeat LEEP, confirming CIN2/3.  Positive for HPV 16.

2007 - 2014 clean paps, 2 beautiful kids.

2014: LSIL on pap, colposcopy showing CIN 2/3.  BUT.....drumroll.... negative HPV.

 Total hysterectomy advised and planned in the next few weeks.


So here's my question.  How can I test negative for HPV but positive for CIN 2?  I've had no new partners since the

original abnormal paps, and my partner has been faithful.  I'm still breastfeeding so my hormones may be weird, if that

could be significant.  I've read that false positive CIN diagnoses are way more common that false negative HPV tests.

 That has me worried.  I'm fine with a hysterectomy (we're done having kids) if there really is CIN 2, but I am wondering

if the HPV test was right and the CIN 2 finding was wrong.  


Has anyone else tested positive for CIN 2 plus but tested negative for HPV?????


My situation isn't the quite the same as yours but I have had CIN and a negative HPV test (at least negative for high risk HPV as I think that's all they test for here in the UK). But then the following test showed I was positive for HPV. As I'm single and have been for years, there was no new partner to give me the HPV so I believe the virus was there but didn't show on the test.

Although the majority of cervical changes are linked to HPV, there is a minority where HPV isn't involved. This even applies to CC. Might be best to talk to your doctor about your worries.

All the best to you.

I read on google that the HPV virus can lay dormant in your system for years and sometimes, even if it becomes present and active, it can just clear up on its own without any treatment needed.