CIN 2/3 to nothing - an explanation

7 months ago, I received my LLETZ results and was very confused by the letter telling me that no abnormal cells were found, only inflammation, despite the smear and biopsy saying that there were severely abnormal cells there.

Today I had my six month smear and check-up and had a good chat with the consultant about what happened. My consultant is great and is always happy to discuss things with me for as long as I need to.

He appreciated how confused I had been by the results of the LLETZ and said that one of two things had happened:

1) My body got rid of the cells itself;

2) The whole of the abnormal area was removed during the biopsy.

He said that both possibilities are extremely rare but they do happen!

Just thought I would share the info in case it might help someone with a similar result.

It may be that the biopsy itself removed all of the abnormal cells, so there were none to find when it came to the LLETZ x

Sorry, just re-read and saw it stated that! Have seen that a few times here. Congrats on the all clear xx