CIN 2 / 3 and no treatment?

Hi Everyone,


I've been browsing this forum for a little while now and finally decided to have a voice.

I had my first smear back in May, results shower severe dyskaryosis.

Received a letter asking to go for colposcopy. Had that done 3 weeks ago, the doctor doing the procedure said she thought it was CIN2, borderline CIN3.

I received a letter last week with my results and it basically says it's CIN2, but they aren't 100% and will be having a meeting about it, if they find its not CIN2 they will contact me, otherwise I will just be going back in 6 months for another colposcopy.l because of my age and situation (28 and no children) 

It may just be me worrying but I feel like im just waiting to hear nothing, and surely if they think it's 2/3 then they would have removed it?

I also previously went through IVF treatment and it is driving me mad whether it could have caused this, or if this will affect fertility in future. The previous fertility issue was with my ex partner, I have only just began to get my hopes up that I may now be able to have children and this has just put me down again as I read that LLETZ could increase risks of miscarriage or complications with pregnancy.

Sorry for the rambling, I'm just venting.




Hi Rose,

I had CIN1 & CIN2 and had to have it removed via LLETZ. I have read many stories on here of women having successful pregnancies after LLETZ, I think the chances of it going wrong after just one LLETZ is very slim, the more you have though the higher the chance of complications I believe.

IVF can certainly NOT cause abnormalities, its caused by the HPV virus, nothing to do with IVF treatment, so you can rest assured you haven't done this to yourself.

If its CIN2, they are probably just keeping a close eye on it until you absolutely need treatment, giving you the chance to have a baby in the meantime.

Best of luck xx

Hi Rose, I am in a similar boat, I was told I have high grade precancerous cells not been told which cin, but possible cgin. My biopsys came back normal which confused the Drs so my results went to the mdt meeting. Dont feel you wont find out they will let you know. I'm finally going back in for a repeat colposcopy wednesday as a second opinion I guess. They will keep you informed. It can take a while but they should let you know and if it does take some time just contact them :-) 

As for pregnancy, I would like to get pregnant again, I know they discuss all options available to you and would perform the least intrusive treatments if that was the case 

Try not to worry, hope your results are with you soon :-) 

Thanks both of you, I know I'm probably worrying too much I just don't like not knowing. I think I'd rather they had just done the LLETZ before if they knew it was at least CIN2. But I guess they know better...

It's only been a couple of weeks, I'll probably wait a bit longer and give them a call :) 

peach, I noticed you have another colposcopy tomorrow, I hope it goes well for you x


Everybody worries, dont feel bad for it. I was the same. It is the not knowing.

Thank you :-) its to determine if what she thought she saw is still there as biopsy came back normal, which is a good sign but didn't make sense to them or me xx

Well, they had the meeting, and I received a letter 2 weeks ago asking me to go in for LLETZ.

I went in, she explained that she wanted to look again.It was weird, she said she couldn't see the area the previous doctor had marked out, but when she looked inside, as in, past my cervix, there was something there.

I barely got a glimpse on the screen before she turned it off and said oh there it is, better get that removed.

They did the LLETZ, and told me they would let me know the results in 4 weeks.

I'm absolutely terrified I have no idea what to expect, it's been 5 days since the treatment. I thought I got off lightly, no bleeding, pain on the first and second day then it seemed to disappear. Until today, now there is bleeding and the pain is coming back!!

Has anyone else had this experience of being called back in for LLETZ after being told to come back in months??