CIN 11 discovered referred fro Loop biopsy :(

Hello all


I am fairly new to this page but have found it a great support.

I raelly wanted to say to people, trust your instincts with your body.

I had borderline results in March 13 and tested postive to HPV, I was referred for a colposcopy. My colposcopy showed CIN1 and so they put me back to yearly checks.

I went for my colposcopy in April, the nurse had a medical student in with her and was saying things that really made me nervous, afterwards she said she thinks they are low grade but there is a possibility of high so she took a smear to determine which it was. She told me not to try for a baby until I got my results.

Over a month later I was still waiting for the results, I called the hospital and she said she would send them to my doctor. I finaly heard back and it said low grade, my doctor said go ahead trying for a baby.


I then got ANOTHER very confusing letter from the nurse that said for me to still not try for a baby although the results came back low grade and the smear did not show high she felt there may still be a possibility. She said she would see me in 6 months and conduct a biopsy if the results were still the same.

I wasnt happy with these confusing results, I decided to seek a private opinion.


Last week I went for a private consultation where the doctor said he would do a colposcopy there and then, he then said he suspected CIN 11 and so did a biopsy.

I have just received a call from the doctor with me results, he said it is showing CIN 1 & 11. I have a private app for Tuesday for a loop biopsy.

I am scared and nervous and dont really fully understand what happens next, could they find more than CIN 11 :(.


I am just glad I followed my instinct and went private as otherwise I would have waited 6 months for this information and they could have got worse.

I had planned on trying for a baby soon so am sad that I cant as I must wait for all abnormailites to go and a clear result, I think this means at least 6 months :(.


does anyone have any advice or help to ease my mind?x


Normal smears until Mar 13- Borderline & HPV, referred for colposcopy

Apr 13- Colposcopy, mild changes (CIN 1) follow up in 1 year

Apr 14- Colposcopy & smear showed CIN 1 but concerns from nurse of CIN 11, referred for follow up Colp and biopsy if still the same in 6 months.

June 14- went private, Colposcopy and punch Biopsy done, suspected CIN 11.

June 14- RESULTS- CIN 1 & 11, advised to have loop biopsy to have them remvoed, app next week.