my first smear was february 2013 this came back asking me to repeat the smear test.

i had a repeat smear in july 2013 and the results came back as CIN 1 mild dyskaryosis.  

an appointment was made at the Colposcopy unit in november 2013, when i attended they said mild changes and to go

back in 6 months. 

here is the time again where i have to go to the colposcopy unit again and re live the whole nervous scared worried feelings

does CIN 1 go away?? if its the same again, will they send me away or treat it???  can CIN 1 get worse???


any advice please xx


Hi Emmylou , i'm not a doctor,but from what i have read online and on leaflets , CIN1 means , only a 3rd of cells are abnormal and they usually leave it untreated , as they most likely will go back to normal without any treatment .

Your repeat test in 6 months time,i believe is to make sure that they have gone back to normal .

Not sure if they will give you treatment if they havent returned to normal .

Best of luck x


Hiya, Ii had my appointment Thursday and all is well, the doctoe did a repeat smear test and i will await the results of that but when she examined the cervis she said it all looked normal and she didnt even see any CIN 1 so i am hoping this is the last of my stressing for now. 

thanks for helping xx