CIN 1 to CIN 3 in six months.


Hello everyone,


I've been spending a lot of time on here reading through your stories since getting my CIN 3 diagnosis last week. What a supportive and vital resource this is. It does really help to read about others going through similar things and I send my courage and love to anyone on here who is suffering and feeling scared.


I have a couple of queries that I hoped someone might be able to answer or shed some light on. I received low grade cell change smear test result in September 2014 and was booked in for another test 6 months later. This has come back with severe changes which include CIN 2 and CIN 3. I know that CIN 2 and 3 have good treatment success rates however I am concerned that my result progressed from mild to severe within 6 months and wondered if this had happened to anyone else?


I woke up in a total panic this morning as I had had cold sweats last night, this is so unpleasant and had never happened to me before until 2 months ago when I had a week of them. I was literally drenched and also have symptoms of a cold today. I am going through giving up smoking so I thought it may be related to that but also have read that night sweats can be a sign of cancer or menopause and I'm only 31 so I'm worried that these are a sign of something more than anxiety about this situation. I also had a severe outbreak of dyshydrotic eczema throughout February and I have never had eczema in my life. It was all over my hands and apparently there is no known cause or cure so I started juicing and doing yoga and these symptoms have all but disappeared but it seems a strange coincidence that these things have cropped up together.


I have my colposcopy one week today but given the quick progression of my cell changes and these other strange symptoms I am terrified that the results are going to come back with something worse than CIN 3.


One more thing I wondered was if anyone had managed to reverse CIN 3 without surgical intervention. I am single and have no children so I have been looking into this and have seen some interesting blogs where women have used nutrition and supplements, exercise etc to reverse CIN 3.


Thanks so much in advance x



Hi Aims,

My results also changed very quickly. I had my routine smear in August which came back borderline. Repeat smear in February showed high grade changes. Colposcopy was 18th March and I asked the consultant if it was normal to change that rapidly. I was a little worried when she said it wasn't common. Anyway, I had the LLETZ the same day and had the results back to advise CIN 3 and all had been removed successfully. 

i know it's easier said than done but I got myself in a panic like you. i wasn't sleeping and generally felt awful. I was 2 months into stopping smoking. Well done for giving up. That in itself makes you feel awful!!

Can't give any advise on the supplements i'm afraid but hope what I have said has helped a little. I know how worrying this time is.

Take Care


The thought of surgery is pretty daunting, but cancer would be far worse. Go ahead with the LLETZ. Better to be safe than sorry

Thanks for your reply DB. My colposcopy is tomorrow and I'm quite scared but it's good to hear your positive outcome. Xx