CIN 1, slight bleeding hpv

Hello Ladies!

First of all, this seems like a great forum, so many wonderful, encouriging people around! Love it!


I am one of many having had a pap smear that came back with CIN 1 and high risk hpv (it said evidence of hpv which to me is odd wording, anyone else? I first had a bit of bleeding 4-5 days after my pap smear which I found odd that it came so late. This was aprox late March, and now today it occured again. I find this too rather strange and was wondering if anyone else has experienced it? I'm having my colposcopy in late May but am now wondering if I should push the hospital to give me an earlier time? I'm worried that the pap smear wasn't accurate enough and that it's all worse than initially thought! I don't feel any pain during sex and there is also no bleeding afterwards, it just seems to occur rabdomly. Hmm.


Also on a side note; I have read on multiple websites that hpv can't ping pong between partners, is this true? I had to tell my very new partner that I had hpv and most likely have given it to him and he took it lile a champ and was very supportive. Now I worry that we might reinfect eachother... How did you guys handle this issue?


Lots of love to everyone!!