CIN 1 and HPV - how long until it returns to normal?

Hi everyone.

I had a smear test last October and the results were mildly abnormal and tested positive for high-risk HPV. I had a colposcopy a few weeks later with biopsies taken. At the time the nurse couldn't see anything from the colposcoscope but when I received the results at the start of this year which confirmed CIN 1. I had a check up last month and was told they couldn't see anything of note during the colposcopy, so I had a smear test. I've just recieved the results of that and it say I still have CIN 1 and HPV. I am being booked in for another colposcopy in six months.

How long does it take for abnormalities to return to normal again? Or could it be more likely that things will get worse? I know these things are slow to develop, so I'm hoping it might just be that it's taking a while for things to return to normal.

Thanks for your advice/support :)