Cin 1-2 to Normal after 4 years ?? Not convinced .....

Hi following lletz Four years ago for CIN 1-2 and remaining cells after treatment, my most recent smear has come back Normal - I’m not having any symptoms of anything sinister but I cannot help but worry this result is wrong and the cin can’t have really gone. Sorry just so scared and freaking out that my relief isn’t right.


Sorry to hear you are feeling anxious but hopefully all is well and you are clear as the smear suggests.

If you want to put your mind at rest you could ask (NHS)/ or go private to have a colposcopy as this is a much more detailed examination of the cervix. I had unclear margins after Lletz and 8 yrs later developed CC. I didnt know i had unclear margins at the time ( i had CIN II & III), i thought the treatment was sucessful e.g. all gone and never had colposcopy follow up, just yearly smears for 5 yrs then back to 3yrs, after the 3 yr gap - CC and it was a fairly large area of CC so must have been there a while. After looking at research on women with unclear margins i have found papers suggesting they should have colposcopy follow up as well as pap smear due to the higher incidence of recurrance and pap smears not 100% accurate if the CIN is further up in the cervix. 

This is only my experience and wont be the same for eveyone (CC is rare) so I dont want to worry you, and CIN changes can go back to normal. But I want you to feel you have all the information to make the choices you feel are right for you.

best wishes and good luck x