Cidofovir treatment for VAIN


Just a bit of an update for anyone facing treatment for VAIN.

It’s 10 years since I was first diagnosed with CIN 3 and I had my first treatment. Since then I’ve had laser, loop, cone biopsies a hysterectomy and more recently two lots of imiquimod cream treatment applied via Colposcopy.

So roll on to the last few weeks, I finally started my Cidofovir treatment. (No, I didn’t have a clue what it was either.) More commonly used intravenously and from what I understand for HIV and in small studies it has been trialled for HPV. For VAIN, they mix it with a carrier cream and apply it directly.

So 3 x a week for 6 weeks I’m in colposcopy to have it applied with precision to the upper section of my vaginal vault (I don’t have a cervix). Not a particularly easy task when you’ve only got a giant cotton bud with a tiny dollop of cream that refuses to let go.

I’m pretty used to colp these days, so that doesn’t phase me but a couple of times it’s caused sudden bleeding which is a bit traumatic.

So this week I’ve been a bit on edge as I’ve been waiting to see a consultant to review how it’s all going. I had a bit of a wobble talking about it all, especially when they mention a good old vaginectomy, But thankfully we are not at that stage yet.

The upshot is, I was able to watch the whole procedure on a screen to see where the actual bleeding was coming from. It turns out to be a small patch of skin which refuses to heal, so every time it’s accidentally touched, even lightly, it bleeds.

A small thing, but it’s actually a relief as it’s not the lesion which is causing all the trouble. It does mean they are happy to continue and now know which bit to avoid.

So 11 of 18 complete and over halfway to go!

I’ll be done just in time for my birthday.

Hello! JT of Vera blog here. I’ve lost my old log ins and haven’t ventured on here for years! But something made me have a nosey tonight. Just stopping by to say if you ever need to chat I’m here to lend an ear!

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Really good to hear from you, I’ve been wondering how you were?

I think we joined at similar times and I found your blog so helpful.


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