Chryotherapy after Colposcopy

I want to start by saying I am a GIANT baby and HATE Smear tests!!! 

I've given birth twice and they still are my least favorite exam.

When I was pregnant they told me I had abnormal cells and had to wait until after

she was born to get a Colposcopy.  The female doctor explained she was going to put a vinegar type solluction on my cervix

that will show any abnormal cells to take a biopsy.  I barely felt the exam.

She told me everything was fine and follow up with a pap in 6 months , then we waited a year.

I pushed off my yearly busy and stuff. Well this time I was at a different clinic and they found abnormal cells back during my Pap. 

The doctor say's good news You don't have HPV but bad news there is Pre cancer.

Ordered a Colposcopy, this time it was SUPER painful because I had an IUD inserted 2 years prior

and I think it was infected.  

So after that I had to get a Chryo  which is a Freezing of the Cervix to hopefully get all the bad cells.

I go back in a month to get checked and see if it's all gone.  Hoping for the best.

Worried of course. Glad Jo's Trust is here!!!

We need more awareness in the states!  I never thought this could happen to me until I was diagnosed.