chronic radiotherapy problems

:lol: Hi ladies, My user name is MIMI. Just to let you know that i am orgainsing a get together discussion meeting for ladies who are suffering from chronic radiotherapy side effect. We will be discussing if we can benefit from some kind of a support group in london. The side effects sometimes can be endless and can make you feel isolated. so, come and meet everyone who is going through the same thing.
12th September, at Starbucks coffe shop between 2.30-5pm. it’s outside mada vale station, 168-170Randolph Avenue, W9 1pe. I hopt to see you there if you can. Mimi.

Hi Mimi,

It would have been good to meet up with you and others. Unfortunately I work during the week, so would not be able to get to Maida Vale for that time. Any chance it could be later in the evening or the weekend??


Hi Mimi
I can come - but not till later on. Won’t be able to get there till 4 or 4.30 but would definitely like to come and meet everyone as long as you will still be there until 5pm. Do you think you will?
Is it just for CC or pelvic radiation? Or is it radiotherapy for all different cancers?
(chemoradiation Feb-April 2004)

I won’t be able to make it after all. My Nanna died on Monday night and her funeral is next Tuesday. She had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer.

I sometimes feel that this disease has a greater hold on my life and others close to me.



I’m so sorry.

Email me when you feel up to it.


Z xx

Hi bethany,
i am so sorry about your loss. Never mind i am sure we will meet in the future. Keep intouch.

Hi emanda,
thanks for your reply, I should be there by5pm. It will be great to see you. We can all input our openions and ideas about long term support and how to manage with chronic radiotherapy. I thought it might be a better idea to narrow it to gust gynacological cancer, because we have emotional issues and we need to deal with them. So the answer will be just gynacological cancer . It will include as well braceterapy. Take care now.

I can be there…but I’m a bit confused about the times. Is it still between 2:30 and 5?

Hi Sassa,

Thanks for your reply. We will start about 2.30pm and finisf at 5pm.

hope to see you there.-mimi.

That’s great Mimi
I will see you there, hopefully, by 3.45 tomorrow. Can get there bit earlier after all
Look forward to meeting you all!


I was wondering how yesterday went?

Did you all manage to meet up? Are you planning to meet up again soon.